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Eco India: 'Tiger Widows' unite to protect the endangered Sundari tree

Directed for a story in Scroll's 'Eco India series' on the Tiger Widows of Sundarbans
Client: & DW
Direction: Anirban Dutta Gupta
Camera: Rupam Majumdar

Format: HD PAL
Duration: 14 Min
Date: 2021

Eco India is an online environmental video magazine curated by and DW. I directed the short documentary on a group of women from Sundarbans who have lost their husband to tiger attack. These 'Tiger Widows' as they are called have come together to form a self-help group to plant the indigenous and endangered Sundari tree - the tree from which Sundarban's gets its name. This has not only given them a focus and a livelihood, but has also helped stabilise the banks of the islands and withstand the devastating effects of vicious climate change driven cyclones.

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