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Memories Project: Andaman Nicobar Tribal Research Institute

A forum for dialogue between the Andaman and Nicobar tribal communities, Islanders and other stakeholders to create an equitable and responsible growth and integration with the mainstream

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are home to the Jarawa, Ongee, Shompen, Nicobarese, Sentinelese and Great Andamanese Tribal communities. Over centuries, varying degrees of integration with the 'outside' world has taken place for the communities with varying degrees of success. The Andaman and Nicobar Tribal Research Institute (ANTRI) was set up to initiate a dialogue between the tribal communities, the settlers, the government and other stakeholders to find a equitable and responsible future ahead. As part of this activity I am involved in capturing in film the voices of the people and document current and old practices.


The material copyright for this project is held by AAJVS and ANTRI.


Jarawa community member

Pig skulls

In discussion with Jarawa community members

Ferry between the islands

Professor Vishvajit Pandya with Jarawa children

Professor Vishvajit Pandya in discussion with Jarawa elders

Middle Andaman

Documenting a meeting with the Jarawas and the ANTRI researchers

Jungles of Andaman Island

Headbands as expression of the world around

Ferry between the islands at night

In conversation with Jarawa elder

Selfie with Jarawa community members

Ferry crossing

Sharing the footage with the Jarawas

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