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Ganga: Ribbon of Life

Film on the pollution in the River Ganga and its effects on the communities that live along its bank. This film won the Green Panda at Wildscreen 2012.
Client: Ministry of Environment and Forest, Govt, of India
Channel: National Geographic & Fox History
Direction/Camera: Anirban Dutta Gupta
Duration: 45 Minutes
Format: HDV PAL (Sony Z1 Footage)
Date: 2011

This film looks at the causes and consequences of pollution, both human and industrial in the River Ganga. It explores the deep religious and social link that Indians have with the Ganga and yet they remain oblivious to the ever increasing destruction of the very river they call the 'Mother' through pollution, water extraction, dam construction and other anthropogenic activities. This film has been highly acclaimed and has been screened on National Geographic and History Channel. The film won the prestigious Panda Award - known as the 'Green Oscar' - at Wildscreen 2012 and has been nominated for Vatavaran 2012 and IFFI 2012.


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