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Eco India: Anil Mistry - poacher turned conservationist promotes alternate livelihoods

Directed for a story in Scroll's 'Eco India series' on the Anil Mistry who is promoting alternate livelihood
Client: & DW
Direction: Anirban Dutta Gupta
Camera: Rupam Majumdar
Suman Pal
Format: HD PAL
Duration: 14 Min
Date: 2021

Eco India is an online environmental video magazine curated by and DW. I directed the short documentary on Anil Mistry, an ex-poacher who had a change of heart and has become an conservationist fighting to save the mangrove forests of Sundarbans and the myriad wildlife that live in it. Along the way, he along with his NGO has introduced various supplementary livelihood options which has helped the villagers be less reliant on venturing into the forest for sustenance.

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