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Eco India: Sabar tribe and the bamboo broom that saved them from the pandemic

Directed for a story in Scroll's 'Eco India series' on the Sabar tribe of Purulia and the traditional bamboo brooms they make
Client: & DW
Direction: Anirban Dutta Gupta
Camera: Rupam Majumdar
Suman Pal
Format: HD PAL
Duration: 14 Min
Date: 2021

Eco India is an online environmental video magazine curated by and DW. I directed the short documentary on Khedia Sabar tribal community of Purulia, West Bengal. In the best of times, this community ekes out a living through selling there handicraft and working in the fields. Covid pandemic has hit them hard and they have had to adapt to survive. They have fallen back on one of there traditional handicrafts - making of bamboo brooms - which are sold in the local market allowing them some degree of independence and respect.

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